Skora Fit

Skora Fit specs:

Heel-toe drop: 0mm

Stack height: 16mm

Weight: 6.6oz


Soft, breathable mesh upper

Gripping, durable rubber sole

Removeable antimicrobial insole

Angled lacing

This was my first zero-drop shoe as I moved back into minimalist running. It fit like a glove and didn’t need any breaking in. They did take a few runs to get used to though, because it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing shoes at all, like I was going on a run in just my socks. They felt too good to be true! Soon, all other shoes felt SO heavy! I wore my Skora Fit on short runs, long runs, AND trail runs.

I never got blisters while running in these shoes. I sweat A LOT and so on hot, humid summer days the insole would get soaked in my sweat and make *squish, squish* noises but, still, no blisters!

The angled lacing of the shoe looks cool and is also nice on the top of the foot. Before I wore Skora, sometimes as my feet would swell from distance (and possibly dehydration), I would feel pressure from the lace area of the shoe which would start to irritate/bruise my upper foot. I never experienced that with Skora, and I believe it’s because of their angled lacing design.

The Skora Fit grip on wet rocks during trail runs wasn’t the best. But no matter the footwear, you always want to be careful on wet rocks. The tread doesn’t have large lugs which is ideal for trail running, especially on muddy trails, but this shoe is not designed/marketed for trail running. I liked them on the trails! But I eventually went with a different brand for trail shoes.

My only gripe with this shoe would be that the upper pulls away from the sole easily. After just about 2 weeks of wearing them, I noticed the mesh upper on both tearing where it connects to the sole by my outer forefoot. I wrote customer service and right away they sent me a shipping label. I mailed back my pair and they sent me a brand new pair! This brand new pair lasted longer before they started to tear at the same spot. I should note though that all of my running shoes tend to get holes by my pinky toes. Although the Skora Fit never got holes there, the tearing of the upper away from the sole near that area could just be from my pinky toes trying to find another way to escape. I tried using duct tape to close up the tears, but the tape doesn’t adhere to the materials of the shoe. I still wore them though and they were still very comfortable. I know other people that have this shoe that haven’t had this problem.

This brand instantly became my favorite. Over the course of one year, I purchased 3 different pairs: Fit, Form, and Tempo. HOWEVER, the brand had a bit of a hardship and so stopped restocking. They have since received a financial backer and launched a men’s running clothing line. And there are still some shoes available in smaller and larger sizes. But those of us in the average shoe size spectrum are SOL. Fingers crossed they will start restocking their shoes again and also come out with an official trail shoe!

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