About Me

Hello there fellow adventurers, fitness enthusiasts, and freewheelers!

My name is Cherie. I am based in Philadelphia, from where I enjoy writing, exploring, training, and dreaming. I get chest freezes instead of brain freezes, I enjoy watching people trip, and, more relevantly, I LOVE adventures! To me, an adventure is anything that challenges my body, mind, and/or grit.

I could be called an endurance athlete, a personal trainer, and a writer. But boxes make me uncomfortable. Rather than getting hung up on labels, I do what brings me joy: running, lifting, adventuring, writing, eating. Leaping into new ventures and deeper into current ones leads to further discovery of myself and what truth is to me.


This "leaping" often means I do not plan much beforehand. So, in an attempt to keep history from repeating itself since I’ve learned the same lessons a few times already (like hydration is important as is route review), I’m putting my adventures and research in one place. I hope you (and I) will not only learn from them but will be inspired to do even more exploring, questioning, and leaping!

So welcome to your (and my) toolbox of adventure stories and the lessons learned along the way! 

And tell me! What's your next adventure?!

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